American Religious Identification Survey

The U.S. Census is prohibited from asking questions about religion, so this survey, the American Religious Identification Survey, contains the most complete and reliable source of data on religion in America today.The study entitled – American Religious Identification Survey – and carried out by a team from university of New York relates to more than 50.000 candidates.

Just a moment after having oath of office that President Obama took on inauguration day, January 20th, 2009 as the 44th president of the United States, Mr. President just released, during its nomination, a small fire on the American religious communities. Quote: %u201CWe are a country of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus%u201D, the US president took a breath, before continuing: %u201Cand of Nonbelievers.

American religious identification survey, reveals that 81% of Americans are recognized belonging in a religious community. For as much, the religious systems are multiple and it is important here to understand the characteristics of American pluralism and especially the new American pluralism in this field. It actually goes back to the origins of the United States. Indeed, if we know that the United States is an emanation of British colonies, it is less known than they were of two kinds:

- From the Crown, where the Anglican Church was proclaimed official Church;
– The colonies were founded by puritans having left Europe, in the search of a lifestyle with than they considered being the divine ways and obligations.

These puritans quickly separated in several groups because of their divergences concerning those divine obligations or the methods of their implementation.
Consequently, the analysis of the place of the religious fact in the United States reveals the need for crowned and its specificity in a new country which can that it must accommodate new populations of varied origins, take into account their differences and at the same time to help them to accept the institutional framework thus in which they settle.

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