NIV Bible Zondervan Launches Handwritten Project

Christian Books Distributor and Publisher Zondervan announced that its next edition of the NIV Bible Zondervan would be a handwritten project with more than 31 000 Americans contributors, the first NIV Bible ever written – one verse written equal one person contribution. The publisher launched Tuesday Bible Across America Tour a great adventure round trip of 15000 miles which will cross 90 cities of the United States to mark the 30th anniversary of the New International Version Bible. The Bible is America s favorite book of all time and the NIV has become the most successful translation of all time. A team of four will drive a luxury Motorhome across America. The Zondervan team will stop in particular and well known churches and places, also universities and special events. Americans will be able to come and write verses. The whole handwritten verses will be published and sold at the end of this special American Tour, which will be completed on February 12th 2009 in San Diego. According to Zondervan Publications, established in Michigan, the majority of the verses will be written anonymously, even if the American Editor hopes to obtain the contributions of celebrities such as President George W. Bush and Televangelist Billy Graham. This is an interesting project, a contribution of Christian American People in the new edition of the greatest book of all times.

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