The Disciples of Christ

The Disciples of Christ, also known as -The Christian Church – has about today one million and half members in the USA. The Disciples of Christ history: Originating from 19th century in America, the church established and arose especially in the American west. The Disciples of Christ beliefs: The church refuses dogmas, the credos, catechisms and the rites which it feels would darken a simple fundamental conviction in Jesus Christ. Because of its intentional lack of dogma, much from members or groups of the Disciples of Christ differ on the questions such as literal interpretation from the bible, the virgin birth, the abortion, and other social problems. The Disciples of Christ is a Mainline Protestant denomination in North America. Disciples practice believer’s baptism in the form of immersion, believing it to be the form used in the New Testament. The experience of conceding to Christ in being buried with him in the waters of baptism and rising to a new life, have profound meaning to the church. They invite people to practice a faith that proclaims Jesus Christ and celebrates the freedom as Jesus disciples to explore God’s call to love and to serve.

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