Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader

So I admit it, I fell into the temptation and I bought the Amazon Kindle ebook last week, I was so eager to receive it. The package finally arrived Monday morning. I took my time admiring the delivery box and wondering if I would like it or not. For those of you, who doesn’t know what the Kindle is, well simply an electronic book reader created by Amazon. The Kindle can be used stand-alone without a computer. Amazon Kindle can hold more then 1000 eBooks. It cost about $149, and with this amazing device you can subsequently download all kinds of books from for as low as $9.99 a best-seller and even some for free. I didn’t buy the new version which is the new Kindle Fire.

I finally did open the delivery box and took it. Without being incredible, the object itself is pleasant and holds well in the hand. The navigation buttons allow you to browse easily through the menu. We can hold the Kindle in one hand and scroll the pages with our thumb. The Navigation Buttons take however a little too much place and sometimes I find myself snagging some buttons, but I probably will accustom myself with time. The text is really readable. The fact of being able to change the size of the characters helps. Amazon Kindle offers me to download the chapter of a book before buying it, and thats a huge plus for me, when Im undecided to buy a book.

This amazing device can read the proprietary Kindle AZW format, and downloads content over Amazon Whisper net, which uses the Sprint EVDO network. For other document format Amazon offers an email-based service that will convert HTML, Microsoft Word DOC, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and PDF documents to AZW Kindle Format.

I do not know if that announce the end of the conventional book. Consumers becoming more aware of environmental issues, in a way this electronic device can save a lot of trees each year. For me both can still coexist. I’m eager to read some good Christian literature with this Amazon Kindle ebook device. But there are some classic and holy books which I must hold and feel in my hands when I read it.

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