Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant in the Jewish religion is the symbol of the eternal, irrevocable and indestructible promise of God made to his people to never give them up, even if certain facts as Shoa (or Shewa who is a historical region of Ethiopia Formerly an autonomous Kingdom within the Ethiopian Empire) could make believe the opposite. It contains the Tables of the Law such as it was stated and written by the hand of God. The Ark of the Covenant a piece of religious treasure having disappeared 3000 years ago at the time of the end of the reign of king Solomon, giving up the worship of true God for that, idolater, of their concubines, several assumptions are currently taken into account: 1- The true Ark of the Covenant would have been taken along and hidden in sure place by the queen of Sabah in Ethiopia to escape from pillaging and envy from the Babylonian armies, Romans or others. 2- A replica would have replaced the Ark during a period of time on its site of origin as reports it ancient script of Talmudique tradition. 3- In the early 90s, Israelis archaeologists would have located the Ark of God during their underground explorations in a tunnel broken down under the Temple mount, but following this commotion, the Muslims authorities still owners of the lands would have forbidden the approach of it by wall in up the openings making it impossible to reach. This Ark remains today one of the great mystery of Jewish religion. Ark Covenant God Covenant Christian Covenant

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