Papal Conclave 2013 – Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The general congregation of the Cardinals of Catholic Church have been reunited before the official Conclave that will stand in 24 hours. They are gathered to pray, learn more about each other and make a reflection about the situation of the Catholic Church in the world today. The official Conclave will start tomorrow at 11hoo am.  Vatican News

Update – The new Pope has been Chosen:  Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Papal Conclave 2013

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A Mass will be celebrated about the Ponctifical election. The Cardinals will all be inspired by God during the Homily where they will be listening to their heart to guide them in the choice of the new Pope. This Mass will take place in the Sistine Chapel.

Last saturday the symbolic Fisherman Ring and the seal that Benedict XVI used as pope have been scratched and destroyed. (Correction: The Pope’s ring usually had to be destroyed, but these days it’s only scratch). A new Ring Symbol will be made for the new elected Pope.

Starting tomorrow, 115 cardinals will choose the Supreme Pontiff in the next few days. They need 77 votes to elect the new Pope. Will it be a long or a short Conclave?

Update: Black smoke rose above the Sistine Chapel this Wednesday morning, indicating that no choice has been made about the new Pope.

Facts: The longest Papal conclave took 33 months, in 1286.

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God will help them in the choice of the Vatican Holy City leader.

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About Disciples of Christ

Anyone can become a disciple of Jesus. There is a misconception about Disciples of Christ being Pastors and ministers of the church. However, it is a task meant for the believers and followers of Christ. The duty is often referred to as Great Commission since it has been given to us by God.

The moment you mention about Disciples of Christ; many people think of following Jesus, helping others among other evangelistic duties. All these have elements discipleship since we should be evangelistic and try to make people followers of Jesus as well. Many churches do not practice discipleship as much often as possible. A research that was done showed that only 15% of the churches are growing. In fact, 14% of the growing churches are growing from transfer meaning that members of some churches are moving from their original churches to others.

Only 1% of the population is being converted into discipleship showing reduced concern in spreading the word of God. Perhaps you are wondering what it takes to become a disciple. A quote from the Bible about Disciples of Christ from Luke 9:23 says ` Then He (Jesus) said to them all: ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’ You should be ready to study the word of Jesus Christ, live according to it and even spread it as far as possible regardless of how much challenge you will face.

Anyone who believes in Christ is a Disciple and has an obligation of spreading the word of God to all people. The Bible says in Luke 14:25-33 that the disciples should be ready to sacrifice even their close relatives and friends for the purpose of Christ. Before you decide to follow Christ, it would be imperative to calculate whether you have adequate guts to sacrifice your life and your loved ones for Christ.

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Religion Survey

With inception of diverse spiritual beliefs, religion survey services are becoming popular to business owners and believers as well. Spiritual beliefs do affect business in a great way. For instance, it would be asinine to establish butchery in a place where 95% of the population is vegetarians. In addition to affecting businesses, read on for more reasons that would lead to religion surveys.

The surveys are fun. The surveys get people talking about what they believe and their opinion in spiritual world. The only they can ascertain that people keep talking about their beliefs honestly for hours is through keeping them happy and thrilled. The researchers give you an opportunity to interact with people who share similar beliefs to yours. Time flies as issues unfolds.

Just responding to the religion survey honestly, you get paid for that. In addition to having fun discussing about your spiritual beliefs, expect to get rewarded for your time. This is one of the occasional payments where you get opportunity for participating about twice a year but the reward acquired is attractive.

You get heard when you take part in the religion survey. Perhaps you have never had an opportunity to speak to the congregation of your church or fellow believers hence your opinion have never been heard. It feels good when you see new changes that you contributed to implement.

Many focus groups offer hospitality to their respondents. This helps in ensuring that respondents are in the most relaxed mood ever so that they can feel at ease with the researchers. This hospitality is very welcome especially when you have just come from work. You can even be offered your favorite drink that can help to make you more cooperative.

Lastly, you can learn something new from the religion researches that are being conducted. Surveys are all about bringing distinct ideas from different people together. This can be a suitable opportunity where one can learn about spiritual beliefs of other people.

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Facts of the Holy Bible

Facts of the Holy Bible – There are several facts of the Bible that are held by the believers of the book. The following are some of the common ones.

The Christians believe that the Bible is the True word of God. From the information contained in the book ranging from Genesis to the revelation and the life changes that the Israelites undergo from the beginning to the end, the Christians believe that is how God wants them to live and that is what the Christians try live.

The Word Bible was corrupted from the Greek word `Biblia’ that was in turn derived from another word, ` byb/os’ that in turn means Papyrus which was the material used in making the original Bible in the Ancient times. The material for writing the books on were obtained from Port of Byblos which is currently a town located in Lebanon.

Other facts of the Holy Bible include: has 66 books, 1,189 chapters, 810,697 words and 3,356,480 letters. In the whole book, the longest Chapter is Psalms 119. The Middle Verse has been identified as Psalm 118: 8. The longest name in the Bible can be found in Isaiah 8. In the whole book, the word `and’ can be found 46,627 times while the word `Lord’ has been repeated 1,855 times throughout.

Other interesting facts about the Holy Bible include: 2nd Kings 19 and Isaiah 37 contents are almost similar. The Longest verse of the book is found in Esther 8:9 and has 90 words and 426 characters. On the other hand, the shortest verse in the Bible is found in John 11:35; ` Jesus wept’. Ezra 7:21 has all the alphabet letters except 2.

Ezra the scribe is also recorded as the first person to have started preaching in the pulpit. Another interesting fact denotes that the words `boy’, `girl’, `coffin’, `chapel’ , `reverend’ and `eternity’ can only be found once in the whole book. Lastly, the book of Esther does not mention the word God even once despite the depth of reverence and holiness that comes with it.

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About Mayan Prophecies

Nobody knows about Mayan prophecies and whether the world will really end on the day or t will be a new beginning for the Aquirius. The only thing that we are sure about is the fact that December 21st will mark the end of the Mayan Calendar. The Mayas are an ancient civilization that lived in Mesoamerica’s about 2600 BC. The civilization had a complex way of keeping track of the time with the help of three calendars. Among the calendars that were in use was the `Long Count’ which is the most important and covers the period from the beginning to the end. The end of the calendar is December 21st, 2012. This is what the prophecies concerning the calendar have been referring as the end of the days.

There are two facts that are expected on the day. On the 21/12/2012, the sun is expected to move to a unique spot in the sky and remain in a unique place since it will be solstice day. The sun will be occupying a strategic position on the heavenly crossroads between the galactic equinox and the Milky Way thereby forming

The Maya predictions still remains the most credible since they were capable of predicting occasions more precisely.  The accuracy of their calendar had an accuracy of 1/1000 which was a more accurate prediction than what even the most intelligent Greek philosophers were capable of predicting. They knew exactly when the solar and lunar eclipse; and the precise position where the Milky Way and galactic equinox lay. The calendar predicted invasion by foreigners and coming of the world wars. With this prediction history in mind, you better take their prediction history serious.

Depending on how you think about Mayan prophecies, 12/12/2012 can mean destruction of the earth with some people saying that the world will end as a result of nuclear war or the judgment day promised in the Bible. On the other hand, the Mayas believed in cosmos hence the day might be the beginning of another life

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