Top Bible apps for iPhone

Bible apps for iPhone – One of the most powerful tools in the market today is the iPhone. With the iPhone, you van get applications for just about anything under the sun. These include bible applications. Here are a few of the best bible apps that you could get for your iPhone.

The first of these is the You Version bible app. This application has the bible translated in eighteen different languages. It also contains very versions of the bible such as the standard American version, the new international version, the Holman Christian standard, the contemporary English version and finally The Message. For easy navigation through all these options, the application has a button at the top of the screen. This enables one to move from one chapter to the next without any hassle. You can also bring up a menu to the screen that gives you a variety of options. These options include emailing a bible verse that you like, bookmarking a favorite passage or peruse commentaries that have been posted by other users. You also have the opportunity to customize the application to your specifications. This means you can change the font style, the background as well as the color to suit your preferences. If you would like to take time going through the application, there is a setting that enable you to get a verses daily so that you can read it throughout the year.

Olive tree’s is another favorite when it comes to bible applications for your iPhone. The full package is for sale but you also have the option of getting the limited version that is free. The limited version comes packed with features such as different versions of the bible. You can also choose to buy some features to enhance the application. Some of the add-ons that you can purchase include a Hebrew dictionary as ell as study notes on the bible.


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