Bible History of a collective work

Bible History of a collective work. To write a collective work, the authors must firstly act in concert to decide the contribution of each one. However the bible was written by more than 40 authors who did not know each other and this Biblical Book was written during more than 1500 years. Thus more than 40 generations worked with this lifetime work, what represents an undeniable miracle. The Bible is a consistent piece of work. These whole books are varied and complementary testimonies which tackle the great spiritual questions: Who is God? Who is the man? Is there a possible relation between God and the man and how? This is the main theme of the whole bible. This is God History from Bible Ancient Books to NIV Bible. The Styles used to cover this subject are numerous: poetry, the sermon, prophetic writing, didactic talk etc as well as the topics approached: history, theology, philosophy, nature, and cosmos. These books were written in a small country, Palestine. They belong to the oldest writings of humanity. However they continue to challenge men still today. Each generation found a deep interest in the Bible. The Holy Bible remains the best-seller book of all times.

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