Catholic Prophecies and the End of the World

If you are wondering about catholic prophecies and the end of the world outcome, you can find a lot of predictions recorded by the mystics and seers of the Catholic Church. Although the studies do not have the support of the church, many people are informed about these studies and believe in them as well. Read on about some of the main prophecies.

According to the prophecies, the church will be subjected to Chastisement. According to 17th Century prophecy, a catholic priest called Venerable Bartholomew, the Catholic Church shall be subject to humiliation, suffering, poverty and desolation. Then, Jesus shall purify his subjects with famines, cruel wars, and plague epidemics among other calamities. The fifth period will be full of bloodshed with execution of Kings, tyrants, herectics and republics. Towards the end of the world, the tyrants shall rob the church with the people who will heap the most abuse gaining the highest fame. The pope will be compelled to Flee Rome to a place where they will be unknown. Eventually, the Pope will die of a cruel death.

The sixth face of the prophecies claim that the fifth period shall be followed by a sudden period of revival and supremacy. Strong kings and rulers shall come to rule assisted by the pope. The strong monarch that shall be established will weed out unwanted elements. The rule of the Pope will extend from East to West with justice and righteousness.

The Seventh period marks the end of the world. In this time, the monarch will come to an end; then the `Anti-Christ’ will come and the Jewish will accept the Antichrist as their Messiah. The Antichrist will then gain control of the whole earth. It is imperative to understand about Catholic prophecies and the end of the world and those of the Bible since they are not the same.

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