The Bible Mystery – Templar

The Templar’s were the people who had taken the vows of poverty and after they had conquered Jerusalem they returned back home and only nine of them returned to take the three perpetual vows. The Templar’s adopted the white habit that was the special robe worn by the Cisterns’ and added a cross to it. And this later on designed four ranks to the brethren. They were divided into the:..

Knights: These were the high class people and respected a lot and they were cavalry.

Sergeants: these people were from a lower social class and they were knights of lower cavalry.

Farmers: These people administered the property order.

Chaplains: The chaplains were ordained das priest and followed the strict rules of the church. And also took care of the spiritual needs of the order.

The Templar’s became very popular because of their religious fervor and martial prowess. The Templar’s came under the protection of the priest and were well looked after and protected. Their properties were connected to the church estates and they were simply exempted from all kinds of taxes.

The Commandments of the Templar:

The commandments of the Templar’s spread through out and they had at least eleven Bailiwicks’ in France and in Palestine they had sword in hand and the Templar extended their possessions at the hands of the Mohammadans. They had castles and the life of Templar’s in the castle bear in contrast to their routine life. The Templar’s had renounced the worldly pleasures they were ready to face death in all circumstances. They were disciplined and were always first to attack and the past ones to retreat. Whenever these Templar’s were taken as victims they refused freedom in exchange for apostasy. Nearly 20 000 Templar had perished in war till that time. And so it was required to get new recruits admitted and people who were repenting their sine were also admitted and the only rule of eligibility required was simply obedience. The person who wanted to enroll need to believe in blind obedience and was also given a secret test which was never disclosed.

These things were gaining popularity and with its revenues it had collected great wealth. Which was deposited in the temples in Paris and London? The order of the Pope and the leading temporal sovereigns were the same and all the wealth was deposited at the temple in Paris. The Templar’s sacrificed them selves with bravery but still they were the ones responsible for the down fall of the Holy City.

To put an end to all the rivalry there seemed only one best solution was a fusion of the existing orders Philip The fair found this to his benefit and demanded all the men and valuables. To get hold of all the possessions of the church in France he needed a pretext so that he could lay his hands on all the valuable possessions of the Templar’s in the other Christendom countries. And with this cunning thoughts mind he seemed to get hold of all the world treasure and be the sole owner.

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