The Mystery of the knights Templar

The bible is the holy book of Christians that has undergone changes from its pure original version and there are definitely different aspects to the same thing. According to the new Biblical version the Templar Knights were the Monastic Knights that were also known as the Poor knights of Christ and they protected the pilgrims that set out to visit the Holy land of Jerusalem. Thy used the horse to travel on and wore armor suits that gave them protection and carried weapons to defend and attack the enemies. These knight were made to take a vow of poverty and their duty was t protect the pilgrims form the enemies who stopped and harassed them in the way.

The Templar’s were well organized and stayed connected and also became the main knights during the crusades. Each knight had the support of at least 10 people and some of them were devoted to banking as these people were trusted by keeping possessions of valuables during the crusades. And some of them were active in warfare. And they followed the order under Pope. The Templar’s were considered true to the job they were assigned to and also constructed numerous fortifications to protect the Holy land as they were discipline and best trained people.

They had a special seal that had a picture of two knights on one horse which was said to denote that they were poor but still well organized. The sign of the seal become very popular and were considered important too since the Pope -11exempted the Templar from all authority except the Popes.

The Templers were very disciplined and trusted people for their time and so people used to secure their possessions with them and they also regularly transmitted money from Palestine and to Europe and because of this they gradually developed a banking system and people trusted them as they were people who didn’t worry about worldly benefits and concentrated in defending the Holy City without any selfish thoughts They amassed gifts from their benefactors and as they had taken avow of poverty they invested and re lent their money. Whenever a new member joined in he donated large amounts of cash deposit a she also had taken the oath of poverty and had no selfish desires as these people were more concerned about defending the Holy land. Their success attracted many Europeans who were seeking ways to monopolize the money. After the crusade the Templar’s returned home as they thought that their work was done when they won Jerusalem

During the reign Of Baldwin 11 eight companions that bound themselves with vows to defend the Christians from their religious enemies. Baldwin accepted their oaths and assigned them a portion in the palace near the temples and thus they came to be known as the Templar’s. There were only nine of them and they lived literary on alms as they had vowed to poverty and they only offered services to people escorting them to the Holy land on their way back from Jerusalem.

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