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The New International Vision Bible published by Zondervan has been in the offering and is up for grabs. Popularly known as NIV Bible Zondervan, the bible presents the facts of history in a clear and concise manner. This is the reason why it has become the most popular editions of the original bible in the present generation. The bible is the result of a meeting among a group of churches and their heads who have unanimously agreed for the presentation of bible facts in a revised manner. The actual process started in 1965 and several editions have been released since then. The latest edition is expected to be released in 2011.

The best part of NIV Bible is that it retained the important aspects of the conventional Evangelical theology that is regarded as divine by many traditionalists and believers even today. Several testaments have been considered to include the information in a comprehensive manner after conducting a lot of research. For example, the New Greek Testament has been used extensively from which some of the facts have been adopted. It has been notified that the entire translation of the bible took 10 years and involved valuable inputs from around 100 religious heads.

NIV Bible Zondervan is being regarded as the modern bible with all the facts furnished completely after cross checking the facts with the older testaments available. Several conflicts related to the authenticity of the biblical facts and most the people involved presenting facts as per their own wishes has left a lot of confusion. There was an absolute to bring all the facts onto one common channel and the result is NIV Bible presented by Zondervan publishers. After the translation, millions of copies have been sold worldwide and the bible is still very much in demand, which reflects the opinions of a majority of people agreeing with the facts presented in the bible.

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