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The New International Version is a Christian Bible that has been translated in English recently. It is published by Zodervan in US and has become one of the widely used Bibles in the modern days. Read on about NIV  of the Bible. The Plans about NIV of the Bible were started in 1965 after a meeting of in Illinois, Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights. The meeting was held between National Association of Evangelicals and Christian Reformed Church and some international scholars. The translation work was assigned to do the translation work. The New Testament was completed in 1973 while the whole Bible was completed in 1978. There are limited versions which were released before 1973 with the sign of the original translators. Many of the current Bible versions have undergone minor revisions in 1984 and also in 2011. |BIBLE

The manuscript that was translated to form the Bible was Biblia Hebraica Strttgartensia Masoretic Hebrew Text. There were other versions that were consulted in the course of writing the Bible such as The Samaritan, Dead Sea Scrolls, Acquilla, Pentateuch, Theodotion and Symmachus, Syriac Peshitta and Latin Vulgate among others.

The translation of the whole Bible was done over a period of 10 years with the help of 15 Biblical scholars and a team of 100 scholars from Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The experts involved in translation of the Bible were from several religious backgrounds Christian Reformed, Anglicans, Baptist, Presbyterian among others. The translation done was done was balanced between thought-for-thought and word-for-word.

According to Zondervan, this Bible is among the most selling in the internet with above 215 million copies already sold. NIV  of the Bible comes with a lot of side notes that makes understanding of comprehension faster and easier. The wording of the Bible has been corrected and updated to the current spelling unlike some versions that uses the traditional spellings making them hard to follow up the meaning and understand the scriptures well.

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