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The New International Bible has been put in the internet. Al the people with access to the internet can now read the Bible in any device that has the capability to access the internet. The order in which you are going to read the Bible is upon an individual to determine. This has made this version of the Bible so portable since you are capable of reading it right from your cell phone. Here is the procedure that one is supposed to follow when intending to read the online NIV Bible.

Use a search engine that will navigate you to the website of this Bible. This website is called The Bible Gateway website. There is a link that is put there to direct the individuals who are trying to log in.

In the main page of the Bible Gateway page, look at the top of the page where there is a link that is meant to help you update the version of the Bible that you want. There are several alternatives and you should therefore ensure to choose the Online NIV Bible. There are also other preferences that you are supposed to update. These include the language, font size, foot note choices among others.

Scroll back to the Bible Gate Way page. In this page, look for the version that you are going to require. There are both audio and written passages. Depending on the kind of version that you want, click either audio or passage. Then select from the list the chapter that you want to begin. Once you are logged in the place that you are going to choose, you are going to be taken directly to that chapter.

Once you are through reading a certain page, use the navigation tools that are available to go to the next page up to the end.

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