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The Bible contains religious texts of Christianity and Judaism. Modern Judaism recognizes a set of canonical books. These are referred to as the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh. The bible is written in the common Hebrew language. However, some potions are written in Aramaic. The book is divided distinctively to three parts. They include the Torah which is the teaching or law, Nevi’im meaning the prophets and the Ketuvim which are the basic writings. Christianity however has a different order of understanding these books. It has both the Old and the New Testament. That might have shocked you on what you know about the Holy bible.

The Old Testament is composed of books written before the life of Jesus. They were generally accepted by Christians as their leading scripture. Broadly speaking, this is just like the Hebrew Bible. However it gives the books different orders. There are also different emphasis and interpretations about the Holy Bible. There are other Christian denominations which incorporate additional books. This is done to their canons of the Old Testament. There is also a disparity in the particular translations of the Bible. Some denominations believe that the translations were divinely inspired.

The Bible also contains the New Testament. This is a total of 27 books in collection. They are classified in 4 different genres. They include Gospels, Epistles, Acts of the Apostles, and an Apocalypse. All these are explanations to help know more About the Holy Bible. In the New Testament, Jesus is the central figure. The history of the New Testament dates back to the time of Koine Greek. This is the early Christian period. However, some people argue that it was done in the Aramaic primacy. Almost all Christians believe in the New Testament.

There have been very many translations done since then. The primary biblical text was the Septuagint or (LXX). This was translated from the Hebrew Bible to other new languages. All the translations were made into Ge’ez, Syriac, Coptic and Latin. It later extended to other languages. In the Holy Bible history, the Latin translations served as the most important. This was especially for the Church in the West. The other Greek-speaking East still used the Septuagint translations done from the Old Testament. An urgent need arose and the New Testament was translated.

This is what has led to the Holy Bible today. If you still don’t know more About the Holy Bible, check your local language. Many languages have received their translation all over the world. However, criticism is still growing. Many people are questioning the authenticity of the translations. Some negate the act while others value it. However, it still stands strong as the Holy Book of all Christians.

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