Catholic Prophecies and the End of the World

If you are wondering about catholic prophecies and the end of the world outcome, you can find a lot of predictions recorded by the mystics and seers of the Catholic Church. Although the studies do not have the support of the church, many people are informed about these studies and believe in them as well. … Read more Catholic Prophecies and the End of the World

About Catholic Bible History

If you are looking for information about Catholic Bible history, then you would better seek it from the Catholic Church. The Catholics claim to explain the Bible while other churches such as the Protestants only interpret since they were not the original writers of the Bible. Read on about the Catholic Bible History. The original … Read more About Catholic Bible History

How the Roman Catholic Church Started

When the disciples of Jesus Christ were moving all over the world preaching the gospel, they formed the foundation of the churches. This is where all the churches we have today started. Here if a brief history about how the Roman Catholic started. When Jesus was crucified on the cross and died for three days, … Read more How the Roman Catholic Church Started

Annunciation Catholic Celebrations

The Annunciation-catholic celebrations is a feast that is usually celebrated among Catholics, nine months before Christmas festive seasons, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus; that is, in the month of March. The history about the annunciation is well written in the book of Luke. It is a story where God sent angel Gabriel to … Read more Annunciation Catholic Celebrations

A Guide Through Popular Catholic Celebrations

The Catholic Church is one of the most popular religious institutions in Christianity. Catholics have a rich history which they celebrate through various forms. The following is a list of some of the popular catholic celebrations. It includes how they started and their significance to the church: 1) Easter celebrations. Easter is the most holy … Read more A Guide Through Popular Catholic Celebrations