A Guide Through Popular Catholic Celebrations

The Catholic Church is one of the most popular religious institutions in Christianity. Catholics have a rich history which they celebrate through various forms. The following is a list of some of the popular catholic celebrations. It includes how they started and their significance to the church:

1) Easter celebrations. Easter is the most holy Catholic celebration. Its name was derived from an Anglo-Sax word “Eastre” which meant spring goddess. Ancient Anglo-Sax commemorated the return of spring by throwing a fiesta to appreciate this goddess. Catholic fathers of long ago adopted this pagan tradition and included it in their religion to mean the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the symbolism that accompanies Easter celebrations still denotes its pagan roots. The most common symbolic items used are Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.

2) Christmas Celebrations. The word Christmas can be broken down to mean “Christ-Mass.” This refers to many Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ at the same time. The Christmas custom was also derived from Roman pagan traditions. The Romans celebrated the end of winter and return of the sun by throwing a fiesta to appreciate their planting god “Saturn.” Early Roman rulers in-cooperated this tradition to the catholic church and made it an official state celebration. This popular catholic celebration is still being practiced by Catholic faithful up to date.

3) Holy Communion. This popular catholic celebration is done to remember the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples just before crucifixion. Jesus told his disciples that they should break and share bread and drink some little wine to symbolize His body and blood, which washes away Christian’s sins. The Catholic Church continues with this celebration to remember Jesus. However, in Catholicism the celebration is taken literally to mean the actual feeding of Christ’s flesh and blood. Something that many scholars criticize.

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