About religious symbols – Christianity and its cultural heritage

About religious symbols – Christianity and its cultural heritage. In our day to day lives, we keep hearing a lot about religious symbols. Christianity is among the religions on earth that has lots of symbols that signify its background and heritage. This article discusses a few…

The Latin cross
This one is also known as ‘the Christian cross.’ This cross is pretty much familiar as well as widely recognized as the iconic symbol that represents Christianity, as we know it today. The background of this cross is the very structure on which Jesus was crucified. Although the Cross came in various shapes and sizes, people talk a lot about the Latin cross, which was actually made out of 2 pieces of wood-planks crossed for creating 4 right angles. But the modern cross stands for the victory of Jesus over sinful acts as well as death as he sacrificed his whole body on that cross.

The cross with the body of Jesus on it
On the other hand, very same kind of cross is Roman Catholic version which at times reveals the Christ’s body on the cross. On popular cultures, this is at times called the crucifix, as it brings more emphasis to the whole idea of sacrifice as well as suffering that Christ went through. On the other hand, the Protestant churches put more emphasis on the empty cross, since it stand for the resurrection of Christ.

The Ichthys (fish) symbol
This symbol was actually adopted by the early Christians who introduced themselves as the followers of Christ. They also did this for expressing the affinity they held with Christianity. Actually, Ichthys happens to be the Ancient Greek word that meant – “fish.” So, this fish came to be known as the “Christian fish,” and “Jesus fish” consisting of 2 intersecting arcs which jointly traced an outline resembling a fish (usually you see the fish “swimming” to its left). Some historians say that this symbol was used to identify persecuted Christians of the early times. Interestingly enough, this Greek word – Ichthus, forms an acronym that reads “Jesus Christ, or God’s Son, or the Savior.”

The dove
The dove stands for the legendary Holy Spirit (which is also known as the Holy Ghost) among Christians. Putting it straight and simple, that Holy Spirit actually landed upon Jesus just like a ‘holy dove’ when Jesus was baptized on the Jordan River.

About religious symbols, Christianity is very serious. You could find lots of resources on the net on this.

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