Annunciation Catholic Celebrations

The Annunciation-catholic celebrations is a feast that is usually celebrated among Catholics, nine months before Christmas festive seasons, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus; that is, in the month of March. The history about the annunciation is well written in the book of Luke. It is a story where God sent angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary; to announce that she will become pregnant through Holy Spirit; and she will bear a Son called Jesus. The catholic believer’s prayer “Hail Mary” has been said by many people for a long period of time.

At first, the Virgin Mary was in a dilemma on how she could conceive a child; and yet she had remained virgin for many years, but angel Gabriel confirmed to her that, this was going to happen through the holy spirit of God. That is the reason why in the Apostles Creed, Christians believe that Jesus was born through the Holy Spirit through Virgin Mary.

That is why the annunciation catholic celebrations started when the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus Christ through the power of Holy Spirit. When Mary received the message from the angel, she never denied, but accepted what the Lord told her. Through Virgin Mary obedience, Christians learn that whenever God calls us, it is their duty to obey and trust even if some things seem to be impossible to us. Also Mary’s response taught them that they are supposed to keep faith in their daily life as how she accepted to become the mother of Jesus. After Mary accepting God’s call she is now the mother of most high Jesus who is regarded as savior by Christians.

In conclusion, the annunciation-catholic celebrations started back 6th century. This feast is celebrated annually in all catholic churches globally. This day is usually celebrated mostly in 25 March, but the day varies from one continent to the other.

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