Facts about the Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the most amazing places in the world. Although small (0.44sq.km) and a part of Italy, it’s quite independent. This small State was established in 1929 after the Lateran Treaty was established. This was the solution to series of disputes between the Italian Government and King, giving the Roman Catholics a special place. There are several interesting facts about the Vatican that I will discuss here.

One interesting fact about the Vatican City is that it is actually the smallest sovereign state existing today. It is a landlocked country without a coast line whose people are mainly Italians and Swiss with other smaller nationalities from the world. Languages spoken by the inhabitants include Italian, Latin, French and other languages. Interestingly its capital city is also known as Vatican City. The population is approximated to be about 900 inhabitants with 100% literacy levels.

Vatican City predominantly relies predominantly on the printing, sale of coins, postage stamps and it’s also supported by the collection of taxes by the Roman Catholic Diocese. A good amount of their revenue also comes from the real estate investment. There is actually no agricultural activity of any sort practiced in this city. In addition, there are actually no natural hazards in the state.

Another unique fact about the Vatican is that there are not many roads. Instead the most you will see are streets and lanes. In addition, it does not have an airport nor will you see any highway. The state does not produce or export electricity, they get it from Italy.

Vatican government is an ecclesiastical one with the rule of monarchy prevailing. However its hereditary type of leadership, instead, the government is run by whoever becomes the Bishop of Rome or the Pope as is widely known. It is a country with unique history and rich culture hence the reason why tourists like visiting it.

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