Feast of the Epiphany Celebration

The feast of the epiphany is normally a symbolization of the end of the commemoration of Christmas. The celebration of the commemoration is celebrated by both the Christian faithful and other party enthusiast. The fest is celebrated differently in the world regions. In most churches the day is celebrated by the Christian faithful attending a mass while in other churches the celebration is quite established and definitive. The western liturgical churches are some of the churches that have the most defined commemoration of the feast of epiphany. On this day the priest wears white vestments, blesses epiphany water, chalk, gold and frankincense. The chalk is then used to write the initials of the three wise men; Caspar, Melchior and Balthsar, (Three Kings Day) on the doors of the church and the homes of the faithful.

Other parts of the world celebrate the feast of epiphany in different forms with the most diversity being across Europe. In France the celebration is done by people eating gateau des Rois in Provence or the galette des Rois in Northern France and Belgium. The food is normally a king cake that has porcelain figurine of a king or a bean hidden inside, and the person who gets the trinket figurine or bean gets to be the king for the day. In the Philippines the children leave their shoes outside so that the three kings can leave candy and other gifts, while in some areas three men are dressed as the three wise men and carried around on horseback distributing candy, trinket and other gifts. The leaving f shoes and eating the king cake are the most common practices in Europe. The other common practice is lighting up Christmas lights on the streets and houses to indicate the end of Christmas, but there have always been incidences of practices that are not a tradition – Three Kings Day – Epiphany.

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