How the Roman Catholic Church Started

When the disciples of Jesus Christ were moving all over the world preaching the gospel, they formed the foundation of the churches. This is where all the churches we have today started. Here if a brief history about how the Roman Catholic started. When Jesus was crucified on the cross and died for three days, after that one of the disciple’s called Simon Peter took over the leadership in order for the gospel to continue. After, he was succeeded by James who acted like a believer of Christ despite the fact that they were following Jewish laws. It was during the leadership of Apostle James when Saul the Jewish prosecutor went to Damascus; and on his way, he met Jesus Christ through vision; and from there he changed his original name from Saul to Paul hence become a Christian to spread God’s gospel.

During Paul’s ministry, in one way or the other, the Christians churches were partitioning due to increase of people. There was the Gnostic Christianity believed that Christ was sent by God to human beings as a spirit so that he can save us from our sins in order to have eternal life. Among the Pauline, Gnostic and Jewish Christianity, there were other ministries that have already introduced, but the Jewish ministry comes to an end leaving the others spreading the gospel. In 313 AD Paul’s ministry was established by Roman Empire as believer’s church; finally in380 AD Roman Catholicism took the leadership of the Roman Empire; therefore, Catholics were the only church that was leg ally accepted globally.

In conclusion, from1054AD until today, the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic ministries divided into two. At last, many were left in the Roman Catholic after division in order to avoid confusion and the breaking of the church again.

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