The Knight Templars – Chivalric

The Knight Templars is a constituent of the York Rite and a branch of the Mason. The York Rite is made up of four major branches that include: Cryptic, Speculative, Capitular and Chivalric. The Knits Templar is a part of the Chivalric. The Chivalric is more unique than in other tribes. The Templars require you to plead loyalty to specific faith. Moreover, you are supposed to be a master Mason that has the faith loyalty in any of the faiths.

When you are intending to become a knight templar, they are supposed to join Masonic orders through which they are going to learn through apprenticeship. The studies are done by following as the others are doing.

Acquire the status of the Mark Master. The Mark Master is a Mason who has already learnt order of regularity, manners and honors in accordance to the way your order teaches it.

Once you graduate from that class, the Knight Templars are supposed to start learning the Past Master. This is a simple course that only requires the candidate to understand the meaning of the harmony in regard to the teachings of the Masons. The learning involved for the graduation of this stage is simple compared to other kinds of lessons that are supposed to master in the course of this career. Once you understand the meaning of the harmony and the meaning in relation to the Temple of Solomon, you are qualified to go to the next stage.

You are then going to start doing your Mark Masters degree. The importance of this study course is to introduce the symbolic studies on the importance associated with host and sacrament in the temple.

Acquire the most complex Masters degree that are going to help you in acquiring the focus on the consecration and descending of the hosts to the temple. The consecration and the hosts’ acts are purely similar to the regulations that are set aside by the Christian faith. A member Iis supposed to observe the Christian values in their tenure of operation.

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  1. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  2. masons? like freemasons? if so…well freemasons is not tied or linked to knights Templar at all…theres a 400 year gap and freemason are just ritualistic pagans in my opinion and they follow no religion. If you don’t mean Freemasons then I feel dumb…

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