The Shroud of Jesus was in the Templar’s Possession

The 700 year old documents have come to light and through this many revealing facts have come to the open. The Templar’s were believed to be massacred on different accusations from idol worship to Sodomy but there are no positive proofs and their recent document that has been released by the Vatican states that According to Pope Clement the Templar’s may have committed grave sins but they had nothing to do with heresy and with it many other revealing facts have come out that will change the course of history and will these revelations will pressurize the Pope to ask the Muslim world for forgiveness and also because of persecuting one of the main crusading orders as well. And legend also sates that the templar’s had a lot of hidden treasurers and all this was also disbanded by Pope.

It is said to believed that there are some manuscripts that contain the original versions of the |Bible which are also accepted by the Muslims as their religion is also based on the pure version of the Bible but with passing time people over the age shave made changes to suit their needs and tit is not found in its original form. Always keep in mind that God’s words need no amendments to make as he knows the Real truth which we can’t know at all. And the day these documents come in the open they will sure rock the whole world and the three religions.

According to different legends there are different stories and according to the other legends that story is changed and the main reason that this rivalry started was that Philip the fourth need loan for his wars and asked Templar’s money and the Templar’s refused to lend him money this is the reason that King Philip asked the pope to excommunicate with the Templar’s but the Pope also refused and so this stared the rivalry which resulted in very disastrous consequences. And rumor had it that the pope died of poison after Pope refused to absolve De Nogaret for the charges of killing the Pope.

New documents are being released and the truth will soon be out in the open which will create shocking waves and bring the real truth out. It is also said that the Knight templar’s were in possession of the shroud that is the piece of cloth worn by Christ according to religious source sand it qs said to be in the possession of these knight templar . But there is also different legend associated with this idea and according to them there has been and ongoing debate which is yet t be resolved which claims that the shroud was of a knight templar who was burned alive.