Catholic Prophecies and the End of the World

If you are wondering about catholic prophecies and the end of the world outcome, you can find a lot of predictions recorded by the mystics and seers of the Catholic Church. Although the studies do not have the support of the church, many people are informed about these studies and believe in them as well. … Read more Catholic Prophecies and the End of the World

About Catholic Bible History

If you are looking for information about Catholic Bible history, then you would better seek it from the Catholic Church. The Catholics claim to explain the Bible while other churches such as the Protestants only interpret since they were not the original writers of the Bible. Read on about the Catholic Bible History. The original … Read more About Catholic Bible History

Facts about the Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the most amazing places in the world. Although small ( and a part of Italy, it’s quite independent. This small State was established in 1929 after the Lateran Treaty was established. This was the solution to series of disputes between the Italian Government and King, giving the Roman Catholics a … Read more Facts about the Vatican City

American Bible Society Website

People who go through bible online have been increasing by each passing day. A majority of them access American Bible Society Website for any information they need. This is the same website that is known for the presence of scholarly articles written that present various facts about bible in an easily understandable form. Additionally, several … Read more American Bible Society Website

The Mystery of the knights Templar

The bible is the holy book of Christians that has undergone changes from its pure original version and there are definitely different aspects to the same thing. According to the new Biblical version the Templar Knights were the Monastic Knights that were also known as the Poor knights of Christ and they protected the pilgrims … Read more The Mystery of the knights Templar