Kindle Bible – Know more about Bible Books for Kindle

Kindle Bible – Know more about Bible Books for Kindle. Want to know about bible books for kindle? Printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg, before then books were written with hands, which made pictures very beautiful and other features beautifully illustrated this made books looked real and were treasures for wealthy people. The bible … Read more Kindle Bible – Know more about Bible Books for Kindle

About Disciples of Christ

Anyone can become a disciple of Jesus. There is a misconception about Disciples of Christ being Pastors and ministers of the church. However, it is a task meant for the believers and followers of Christ. The duty is often referred to as Great Commission since it has been given to us by God. The moment … Read more About Disciples of Christ

About the Holy Bible

The Bible contains religious texts of Christianity and Judaism. Modern Judaism recognizes a set of canonical books. These are referred to as the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh. The bible is written in the common Hebrew language. However, some potions are written in Aramaic. The book is divided distinctively to three parts. They include the Torah which is the teaching or law, Nevi’im meaning the prophets and the Ketuvim which are the basic writings. Christianity however has a different order of understanding these books. It has both the Old and the New Testament. That might have shocked you on

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