Facts about the Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the most amazing places in the world. Although small (0.44sq.km) and a part of Italy, it’s quite independent. This small State was established in 1929 after the Lateran Treaty was established. This was the solution to series of disputes between the Italian Government and King, giving the Roman Catholics a … Read more Facts about the Vatican City

What is epiphany and when is it celebrated?

What is Epiphany? Epiphany is a term in traditional Greek that is derived from the words ‘to appear’, and is used to describe manifestation, or appearance. In the Christian content it is used to describe the day that Christians celebrate the revelation or manifestation of God’s son as a human being in the young born … Read more What is epiphany and when is it celebrated?

Feast of the Epiphany Celebration

The feast of the epiphany is normally a symbolization of the end of the commemoration of Christmas. The celebration of the commemoration is celebrated by both the Christian faithful and other party enthusiast. The fest is celebrated differently in the world regions. In most churches the day is celebrated by the Christian faithful attending a … Read more Feast of the Epiphany Celebration

About religious symbols – Christianity and its cultural heritage

About religious symbols – Christianity and its cultural heritage. In our day to day lives, we keep hearing a lot about religious symbols. Christianity is among the religions on earth that has lots of symbols that signify its background and heritage. This article discusses a few… The Latin cross This one is also known as … Read more About religious symbols – Christianity and its cultural heritage

The Bible Mystery – Templar

The Templar’s were the people who had taken the vows of poverty and after they had conquered Jerusalem they returned back home and only nine of them returned to take the three perpetual vows. The Templar’s adopted the white habit that was the special robe worn by the Cisterns’ and added a cross to it. And this later on designed four ranks to the brethren. They were divided into the:..

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About the Holy Bible

The Bible contains religious texts of Christianity and Judaism. Modern Judaism recognizes a set of canonical books. These are referred to as the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh. The bible is written in the common Hebrew language. However, some potions are written in Aramaic. The book is divided distinctively to three parts. They include the Torah which is the teaching or law, Nevi’im meaning the prophets and the Ketuvim which are the basic writings. Christianity however has a different order of understanding these books. It has both the Old and the New Testament. That might have shocked you on

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