Papal Conclave 2013 – Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The general congregation of the Cardinals of Catholic Church have been reunited before the official Conclave that will stand in 24 hours. They are gathered to pray, learn more about each other and make a reflection about the situation of the Catholic Church in the world today. The official Conclave will start tomorrow at 11hoo … Read more Papal Conclave 2013 – Jorge Mario Bergoglio

How the Roman Catholic Church Started

When the disciples of Jesus Christ were moving all over the world preaching the gospel, they formed the foundation of the churches. This is where all the churches we have today started. Here if a brief history about how the Roman Catholic started. When Jesus was crucified on the cross and died for three days, … Read more How the Roman Catholic Church Started

Annunciation Catholic Celebrations

The Annunciation-catholic celebrations is a feast that is usually celebrated among Catholics, nine months before Christmas festive seasons, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus; that is, in the month of March. The history about the annunciation is well written in the book of Luke. It is a story where God sent angel Gabriel to … Read more Annunciation Catholic Celebrations

Facts about the Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the most amazing places in the world. Although small ( and a part of Italy, it’s quite independent. This small State was established in 1929 after the Lateran Treaty was established. This was the solution to series of disputes between the Italian Government and King, giving the Roman Catholics a … Read more Facts about the Vatican City – Vatican Website Review

Vatican Website Review – Dear readers, reading this review should help you navigate the Vatican website better. First things first, this website has many tangled tunnels, passages that you will go through. So it might take some time getting the whole picture. But the protocols can be improved for more user friendliness. Same goes … Read more – Vatican Website Review