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Vatican Website Review – Dear readers, reading this review should help you navigate www.vatican.va the Vatican website better. First things first, this website has many tangled tunnels, passages that you will go through. So it might take some time getting the whole picture. But the protocols can be improved for more user friendliness. Same goes for the sub-domains. Overall, the site has a feel of mystery, which might attract many religious minded Christians. Interestingly enough, when you search for “Vatican” or “The Vatican” or “The Holy See,” you will get interesting results right at the top of search results. In the Google search results, you will get to see the search bar of Vatican’s website. That’s pretty unusually amazing!

Apart from that, here’s a little something about the first impression you get after you get to this site. Actually, to our consideration, the important part of the Vatican Website Review here is that, your whole experience begins with a language selection theme. This is pretty much like Wikipedia. According to many critics, the page’s design can be improved to some extent to make it more appealing to the visitors’ eyes. But nevertheless, for those who love the nostalgic idea about the old days of Jesus Christ, this type of ancient parchment kind of background design could be appealing.

When you select your language you will get to land on another switchboard kind of page, which features 4 different elements of navigation, all of which are set around an interesting circular graphic layout. This gives you a feel of mystery and nostalgic feel of the old days as well. But it might take you some time to realize which among those 4 lines (or the semi-circles) of navigation got the priority.

Some critics say that there could have been some more commonality among the items on that navigation ‘curve’. But the curve at your left-hand side should take you to the institutions or buildings of Vatican. And some of this site’s navigation headings have been set as images. They become obvious when your rollover. And some of them are abbreviations, while other are in plain Latin!

The final part of the Vatican Website review here is about some design features. While these things are rather less than linked, this calls for some more attention from the designer. Overall, this website has great SEO, but could surely improve on the usability issue. Some critics have said that a clearer navigation bar would definitely help here. And the bars should be right over the fold and could use some rollover states. But this site surely has some information you can use… so just land there to see for yourself!

Web: http://www.vatican.va/

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