What is Epiphany ?

Define Epiphany Definition: The Epiphany is a Christian jubilation which celebrates the appearance manifestation of Jesus Christ, the Messiah in the world. This celebration takes place each year on January 6th.

Epiphany Catholic Church: From the early 5th century, the Church gave a considerable importance to this event. The kings cake, been used for this occasion, is a typically an ancient tradition which had already course in 14th century in Europe. The cake was divided in as many portions as guests, plus one. This additional, called portion – The Poor Man’s Share – or – share of God and the Virgin -, was intended for the first poor one who would present herself.

For a long time, January 6th (Epiphany) was more important than Christmas Day. Still currently, in Spain they are the Magis Wise Men who bring the gifts to the Epiphany day and not on Christmas day. Kings Magis are much more important in the heart of the Spanish children than Santa Claus and on January 6th is the occasion of huge celebration in the Spain.

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