www.vatican.va and Pope Benedict XVI on Youtube

Youtube Pope and Vaticanwww.vatican.va and Pope Benedict XVI on Youtube – The Vatican has its own channel network online on YouTube. This initiative was taken a few years ago in cooperation between Google, the owner of YouTube, the Vatican Television Channel and the Vatican Radio Broadcasting. This official Vatican Online TV diffuses every day regular events that take place at St. Peter’s Square or in the Vatican Basilica Church- St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. This channel offers news coverage of the main activities of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and of relevant Vatican events. There is also an official Internet site of the Vatican at www vatican va which was founded in 1995. A great Christian archives resources where you ll find catholic documents file and some interesting facts about Vatican and the history of the Christendom throughout the world and time. Great technology has reach the Christianity in a way that today words from his Holiness can be heard around the world in a matter of time. Reaching visualy and vocaly all the Christian throughout the world. Moreover Youtube being use in a daily way by world youth, this can have a huge impact in the future of Christianity.

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